“What If SUDDENLY You Realized That Everything You've Been Taught About Relationships Was Not True?”

Give us 1 day and you'll hear some of the most POWERFUL, CLARIFYING and Rare knowledge. This will help you to go beyond limitations, made up rules and get right to the heart of ALL your relationships.

This is for everyone - If ... You Are Ready to Know the Truth About Relationships and be Truly Free.
There will be a deeper level of AWARENESS, CLARITY and UNDERSTANDING for you. Everyone will be transformed at some level.
No one will leave the same!

Antonia Hagens From: Antonia Hagens

Dear Magnificent One,

Look at your life and you will see that living is all about relationships. They are everywhere around you. You can't help but be in them and you are in many more relationships than you even realize!

Are Yours About Love and Peace or Worry, Stress and Anxiety?

Let's face it - as much as we want all our relationships to be centered in love and peace most aren't. If they were we would have no need for psychologists, marriage counsellors, police, lawyers, wars and much more.

Relationships Are Key To Living - Then What Is The Key to Relationships?

There are so many myths that we have accepted about relationship. You've tried everything in search of peace and love - it doesn't make sense.

Once you understand the true purpose of relationship you can finally access peace and love with all those in your life.

Yes. I mean peace with EVERYONE - from your loved ones, to your boss, co-workers, clients, friends and even the irritating driver on the road!

Once you have love and peace in all your relationships,
Your life is transformed forever!

Imagine how you would feel. Imagine and feel the freedom from guilt, freedom from responsibility, freedom from stress and freedom from anxiety. Doesn't it feel good!. You are here to play, experience, learn and grow. Relationships make it all possible.

The truth is ... that we are free to create relationships that are not driven by emotions, reactive responses, belief systems, limiting programs, rules, and cultural and religious conditioning. Relationships do not need to involve struggles, pain, anxiety, conflicts and dependency.

You have believed so many myths about Relationship.
That's why it may have been so difficult. You are not free.

Franco DeNicola

I'd like to introduce you to a very special and unique friend of mine - Franco DeNicola. Franco is a unified soul that has completed the evolutionary soul process - as we all will at some point. He is here with great love to assist and empower humanity. The clarity he will share with you surpasses the existing consciousness. What he offers goes beyond the ego and enables you to take back your power.

Franco has a level of clarity and understanding that very few have. This clarity and understanding lets you connect to the relationships in your life in a whole other manner. It will empower you to love and peace. He is finally making himself available to share this knowledge because ...

Humanity is now ready to step into a life experience that encompasses oneness, love, and peace, while fully embracing its beingness
- Franco DeNicola

That’s why we have created a very special and unique live event called
“De-Coding Relationships” with Franco DeNicola and Antonia Hagens on
February 5, 2011.

This is your opportunity to activate a higher knowing and embrace all the relationships in your life in a completely new and empowering way.

This is your opportunity to truly be free.

Here's what you will discover in De-Coding Relationships:

  • A higher level of clarity

  • True purpose of ALL relationships

  • How relationships free you

  • Debunk the Myth of Relationships

  • Go beyond the human operating software for relationships and create a new reality

  • What really is your responsibility in relationships?

  • Release many of the mass consciousness concepts, perceptions and beliefs

  • Attraction, soul mates and twin souls - are you meant to find it?
  • How to achieve and experience ongoing peace

  • And much, much more... 

De-Coding Relationships

Live or Virtual Event

ONLY $99!

Register Here Now!

De-Coding Relationships with Franco DeNicola and
Antonia Hagens takes place live:

Saturday, February 5, 2011
9:30am - 6:00pm Eastern
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Toronto-Markham
7095 Woodbine Avenue
Markham ON, Canada


You can participate live from your own home via
Masterpiece Life TV over the internet.

The clarity, expansiveness and energy you will receive is invaluable.

Much of the information to be revealed at “De-Coding Relationships” may be new to you. It is not how you have been programmed to think about relationships.

Why? Because humanity wasn’t ready and open for it - until now!

At this live event you are going to hear, learn and experience
what you need ...

“I may not give you what you want, but I am giving you what you need.”
- Franco DeNicola

If you are truly ready to see clearly, this is for you.

Register Now!


De-Coding Relationships

Live or Virtual Event

ONLY $99!

Register Here Now!

This is an opportunity, at the SOUL LEVEL, to
experience a great opening and to move forward.


Here's why you need to be there:

You are ready to see through all the illusions about relationships in your life.

You know that you are a powerful being yet you feel something blocking you.

You want freedom from all the "shoulds" in your life.

You want to finally be free to live your life, not the life you have been living for others.

I've made it incredibly easy for you to attend. You do not need to spend money you don't have on flights, hotels and food. You are always welcome to attend the live event in Toronto, or you simply joins us via your computer - that way you save lots of money. And, you will feel just like you are there.

Space is very limited for the Live Event so Register Now!!!

De-Coding Relationships

Live or Virtual Event

ONLY $99!

Register Here Now!

We are so confident that the information you experience this weekend will empower you or we'll give you your money back.


With Love,

Antonia Hagens

P.S. It's time to lift the veils and expose a New World of Inner Peace.
Will you join us?

P.P.S. Listen to your heart - it's calling you.

P.P.P.S Take Action. Register Now so that you can truly understand all the relationships in your life - past, present and future.

To get more information on Franco DeNicola visit:

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