Masterpiece Life

From:  Antonia & Brenda

To:  You, Magnificent One

Dear Friend and Partner in Uplifting Humanity,

Thank you for being part of our family team.

Please enter your name and email address below you will be sent an email
with all the instructions on how to become a partner which includes:

1. Getting a Paypal account so that we can pay you.

2. Your partner link for you to insert in every email you send out so that
all sales activity is traced back to you.

3. Sample emails that you can use to send out to your friends and family to tell them about Masterpiece Life events. Please remember personalizing your own email it will always be much more effective and bring you better results.


Once you have entered your name and email address, please check your "In Box" as you should receive an email within 5 minutes with all the tools you need to be our partner.

Be sure to "white list" emails from Masterpiece Life to ensure that you are
receiving all our information and kept current with our programs.

Please email any questions, issues, suggestions and/or feedback to:

We are honoured that you are part of our team in transforming lives.


We send you Love & wish you a Magical Day,
Brenda Saunders & Antonia Hagens

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